Dual Screen

A built-in LCD screen on the inside of your door helps small kids & mature adults at home clearly see visitors before greeting them and offering an increased peace of mind. Meanwhile, visitors’ images are automatically sent to mobile phone screen via email and/or the Brinno app. Brinno DUO watches your home for you and your family regardless of where you are.

Dual Storage

Brinno DUO creates 2 sets of visitor log files: one on the SD card in the device at home, and the other in the designated email box of your choice. No file is stored in Brinno’s cloud server. Visitor data is completely safe in your hands & at your disposal to protect your privacy.



The concealed device creates an invisible security barrier between unwanted visitors and your family.

DIY Installation

Brinno DUO installs easily within minutes without the need of fancy tools. It’s also perfect for apartment dwellers that can’t alter their residence. Plus you can install it yourself with no need for scheduling or waiting for a professional.

Save Smart

A simple one price solution with no additional costs for professional Installation, add on accessories, or data storage plans. Brinno DUO keeps your budget in check.

Data Privacy

Privacy is of vital importance nowadays when it comes to personal information protection. Brinno DUO keeps your visitor log files either on a local micro SD card in the device at home or in the designated email box of your choice. No file will be stored in Brinno’s cloud server.

Get Brinno DUO App

Smartphone OS:Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 or later



App Setup Manual

Learn what to do if you need to set up app on your smartphone.


We offer high quality mass-marketed smart-home and time-lapse solution. We believe in collaborations with our partners, high integrity in serving our customers, and constant innovation in our technology platform, so we could deliver the right solution and positive impact to the market we serve.


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